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Learn and master skills to take your game to the next level with a coach who has over 16 years experience playing at a professional level. There are multiple training sessions available which are tailored to each individual, not only focusing on skills but also providing advance training tips from the pro himself.

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Joe Ingles

"Gibbo’s aggressive & unselfish approach to the game is something I've always loved. He's a constant hard worker, always making sure he's ready for whatever challenge he faces. On top of that, he has one of the highest basketball IQs I have ever seen. Always on top of a scout and knowing every offence and defence for his team to be able to help anyone that asks. Anyone that gets the chance to play with, be taught or be friends with Gibbo is going to be better off."

Utah Jazz NBA, Australian Boomer

Joey Wright

"Adam is the type of player that every coach wants to coach.  He buys into the coach's philosophies & challenges his teammates to do the same. It didn’t take me long to realise he was a very special & unique player. Adam has the ability to be a fierce player on the court, while being kind & helpful off the court. I've coached a lot of players over 20 years, but Adam is one of my favourites due to his ability to make everyone, including me, a better person."

NBL Head Coach For 20 Years, Coached Adam at Brisbane, Gold Coast & Adelaide Over 9 Seasons

Jenna O’Hea

"I’ve known Gibbo since I was 17 years old when we went to the Australian Institute of Sport together. In terms of basketball, his accolades speak for themselves. He is knowledgeable with a high basketball IQ. An incredibly tough defender and hard worker. Off the court, he is one of the most genuine people you will meet. I'm privileged to call him a friend."

Current Australian Opals Captain WNBA, WNBL

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